Clayscapes Glazes for Brushing

for cone 5/6

Made for brushing, these glazes come dry and have been developed by potters for potters.  They are easy to mix up and use and work well in combination with each other.  They are lead free, microwave, dishwasher, and food safe.

Mixing Instructions for Brushing
Amaranth Stoneware, Kingston, Ontario (Canada)
Amy Lee Pottery, Norfolk, Virginia
Bluematchbox, Tilehurst, Reading (United Kingdom)
Evans Ceramics, Wichita, Kansas
Ogre-Holm Pottery, Carson City Nevada 
Potclays LTD Limited, Staffordshire, England 
Roadrunner Ceramics, San Antonio, Texas
Sheffield Pottery, Sheffield, Massachusetts
The Tilted Kiln, St. George, Utah