Easy-Fire Front Loader eFL-1616

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If you are ordering a kiln you must know the electrical requirements (voltage and phase) of the building that your kiln will be going in.

*Special Order Item

  • Internal Size: 17”W x 16”H x 26”D
  • Cubic Feet: 4
  • Exterior Size: 33"W x 64"H x 33"D
  • Temperature Rating: Cone 10, 2350°F, 1290°C
  • Loading: Front loading
  • Door: Horizontal swing door. Heavy-gauge metal case with easily changed brick section. Hinge is adjustable in two planes. Includes extra insulation, easy-to-use toggle clamps, and ceramic fiber gasket. The entire door is removable and swings 180 degrees to the case for easy moving of the kiln through doors.
  • Stand: Heavy gauge stand with two shelves. Levelling bolts and anchor holes included. Stand comes assembled in the US and Canada but can be disassembled for compact air shipment.
  • Built-In Shelf Rack: A built in stainless steel shelf rack and shelf for posts saves space and hundreds of dollars.
  • Construction: Stainless steel wrapped around brick clamped with adjustable screw clamps. Sides and top are arched for super-strength.
  • Assembly: Door is easily removable. All models fit through a 31” wide by 75” high door. Stand is removable.
  • Insulation: 3” K23 firebrick. Extra 1” of backup on door to balance heat distribution.
  • Brick Coating: Proprietary reflective brick coating included. This helps firebrick stay strong on the surface and helps prevent dusting.
  • Hard Ceramic Element Holders: Protect brick from loading damage, keep elements from falling out of grooves, make changing elements easy, and optimizes heat transfer to load. All with no element pins.
  • Control: DynaTrol with 4 Easy-Fire programs, 6 Vary-Fire programs, PreHeat, Delay, Program & Segment Review.
  • Zone Control for Even Heating: Two in the eLF1616) or Three zones (in all other models) with separate thermocouples.
  • Control Panel: Controls and components are mounted in a separate control panel and piggy-backed to the element connection box. This separation helps keep the controls cool. The control panel is bottom-hinged for easy access and maintenance. Control box is easily removed for service. On/off switch and fuse included.
  • Thermocouples: Type K 8 gauge with ceramic protection tubes.
  • Element Design: Quad heavy-duty elements on sides and back. Low watt density for long life.
  • Element Connections: Proprietary all-ceramic element connection block makes changing elements easy.
  • Door Element Safety Switch: Honeywell limit switch turns power off to elements when the door is open. Included as standard equipment.
  • Peephole Plug: One solid ceramic plug with heat-locked head. 1” diameter full-view non-tapered. Located in door center.

    Type: Kiln

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