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L&L Easy-Fire Front Loader eFL-1626

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Please call or email us for pricing.

Our Prices are so low that we have been asked by the manufacturer not to advertise them. If you have any questions please contact us.

If you are ordering a kiln you must know the electrical requirements (voltage and phase) of the building that your kiln will be going in.

    Internal Size: 17”W x 26”H x 26”D

      Cubic Feet: 6.6

        Exterior Size: 33"W x 73"H x 33"D

          Temperature Rating: Cone 10, 2350°F, 1290°C

          Loading: Front loading

          Door: Horizontal swing door. Heavy-gauge metal case with easily changed brick section. Hinge is adjustable in two planes. Includes extra insulation, easy-to-use toggle clamps, and ceramic fiber gasket. The entire door is removable and swings 180 degrees to the case for easy moving of the kiln through doors.

          Stand: Heavy gauge stand with two shelves. Levelling bolts and anchor holes included. Stand comes assembled in the US and Canada but can be disassembled for compact air shipment.

          Built-In Shelf Rack: A built in stainless steel shelf rack and shelf for posts saves space and hundreds of dollars.

          Construction: Stainless steel wrapped around brick clamped with adjustable screw clamps. Sides and top are arched for super-strength.

          Assembly: Door is easily removable. All models fit through a 31” wide by 75” high door. Stand is removable.

          Insulation: 3” K23 firebrick. Extra 1” of backup on door to balance heat distribution.

          Brick Coating: Proprietary reflective brick coating included. This helps firebrick stay strong on the surface and helps prevent dusting.

          Hard Ceramic Element Holders: Protect brick from loading damage, keep elements from falling out of grooves, make changing elements easy, and optimizes heat transfer to load. All with no element pins.

          Control: DynaTrol with 4 Easy-Fire programs, 6 Vary-Fire programs, PreHeat, Delay, Program & Segment Review.

          Zone Control for Even Heating: Two in the eLF1616) or Three zones (in all other models) with separate thermocouples.
          Control Panel: Controls and components are mounted in a separate control panel and piggy-backed to the element connection box. This separation helps keep the controls cool. The control panel is bottom-hinged for easy access and maintenance. Control box is easily removed for service. On/off switch and fuse included.

          Thermocouples: Type K 8 gauge with ceramic protection tubes.

          Element Design: Quad heavy-duty elements on sides and back. Low watt density for long life.

          Element Connections: Proprietary all-ceramic element connection block makes changing elements easy.

          Door Element Safety Switch: Honeywell limit switch turns power off to elements when the door is open. Included as standard equipment.

          Peephole Plug: One solid ceramic plug with heat-locked head. 1” diameter full-view non-tapered. Located in door center.

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