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Royal Blue Pint

Offering artists spectacular results that fire true consistently, Speedball’s Underglazes feature 24 intense colors, that are unmatched in vibrancy.  Originally formulated to perform in a wide firing range, 05-6, Speedball’s Underglazes have been successfully fired at Cone 10.  Suitable for use on greenware or bisque, each color produces a softer, velvety finish when left unglazed, and intensifies in richness when covered with a clear glaze*.  Trusted by some of today’s most well-known and acclaimed ceramic artists, Speedball Underglazes offer incredible quality at an unbeatable price—up to 54% lower than the leading brands.  All colors are dinnerware safe when used and fired as directed, are lead-free and carry the AP Seal.

Type: Underglaze

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