The Original Hi Roller

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A full-featured slab roller with a tiny footprint, the Original Hi Roller is designed to mount directly to the wall for the ultimate in space-savings, stability, and accessibility. The Original Hi Roller can't get covered up with stuff so it's always ready to work. Twin thickness gauges are easy to read and set by synchronized thickness adjusters. The canvas is directly integrated into the design. It's attached, aligned, and hassle free. Rotating the drive handle pulls the clay through a pair of strong 3" steel idler rollers providing gentle, even pressure from both sides and across the entire width resulting in a better slab. Your slab is rolled fast, in a single pass, and with noticeably less user effort. The Original Hi Roller is also available in a free-standing version with optional locking casters for added versatility. The Original Hi Roller is reversible, designed to enhance the overall versatility of the machine offering additional placement possibilities as well as user comfort. Built to last of steel, chain, sprockets, ball-bearings, powder coated, requiring very little maintenance or adjustment, and backed by a Lifetime Warranty. 

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