Workshop: Glazing with Clayscapes Glazes

Workshop: Glazing with Clayscapes Glazes

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New to using dry glazes designed for dipping & pouring or looking to sharpen up your glazing skills?  

Instructor Andrew Seymour will be demonstrating and talking through all things Clayscapes Pottery Signature line of Cone 5/6 glazes. 

Date: Sunday June 11  

Time: 9am-1pm

Held in the studio at Clayscapes Pottery Inc.

Bring a notebook & pen!


 ** Limited Spaces Available **


Workshop will cover:

- Preparing bisque to glaze

- Testing

- Application techniques (dipping, pouring, brushing)

- Effectively layer Clayscapes Glazes

- Problem solving glaze defects (blistering, pinholing, crawling, crazing, spalling)

... & more!


If you have a piece at home with undesired glaze results using CSP glazes, bring it with you to discuss!

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