About Us

Don Seymour ThrowingClayscapes Pottery, Inc. was established in 2003 in Syracuse, NY.  However, Clayscapes’ journey began many years before.  Don first began dreaming of what Clayscapes would become in college.  He saw the distribution center, studio and gallery all working as one to bring the joy of ceramics to others.  However, he knew he had a long road ahead of him before his dream could be realized.  Don spent much of the following years with full time jobs, a young family, 12 wholesale accounts, and 18 festivals a year.  All while making pottery, nights and weekends.  Don was spread thin and knew something needed to change.  With the full support of his family, Don was able to quit his job and focus on making pottery full time.  In the early 2000’s Don approached Laguna Clay about starting a distributorship.  Laguna had recently purchased Miller Ceramics in Skaneateles and moved their manufacturing to Laguna’s plant in Ohio and their distributorship to Syracuse.  Laguna proposed that Don buy the Syracuse distributorship and Don agreed.  In October of 2003, Clayscapes Pottery, Inc. opened its doors for business.  The following year, the studio was added, and the gallery was opened in 2010.  Clayscapes strives to provide quality products at competitive prices with positive, exceptional customer service.