Wax Off

Wax Off

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8 ounce bottle

Wax Off Resist is a latex-wax hybrid that was created for potters and decorative artists. It is designed to have the resistive properties of regular wax, but can be peeled away. This glaze resistive masking allows for endless possibilities in designing and layering glaze. It can be applied directly to bisque or on top of glaze. Wax Off resist should be applied thick and allowed to dry overnight for best results. No need to lose time from an errant wax drip; with Wax Off simply peel away the mistake!

Wax Off MUST be removed from pieces before firing.

Helpful Hint: Wetting your brush and wringing it out before working with Wax Off will help preserve the life of your brush. Clean brushes with soapy water.

Wax Off will freeze when exposed to colder temperatures. Simply shake thoroughly when thawed. Freezing may thicken Wax Off.

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