Brent Extruder HD

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Heavy-duty wall-mount clay extruder with EXCLUSIVE EZ-Lock Handle.  Comes with 3-piece die set.  This solid welded steel clay extruder features an EXCLUSIVE brent® safety design. Two sets of clutch plates lock the clutch body assembly firmly in place at any height setting for maximum leverage. Pull up on the top plates to raise the handle and plunger or pull down on the bottom plates to lower them.  This design also assures equal pressure with any amount of clay in the barrel.

The brent® Clay Extruder HD comes with three mounting brackets and hardware to securely bolt to a wall and the 3-piece die set with selector.  The heavy-duty steel 4" diameter barrel holds up to 10 lbs. of clay and an easy-to-use end cap holds the die you choose. The optional standard and hollow die sets can also be used.

Optional Accessories

  • 3 Piece Plastic Die Set with Selector
  • Standard Metal Die Set
  • Metal Hollow Die Set 

*Special Order Item

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