Doll Kilns

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At Clayscapes Pottery, we believe that every kiln sale should be customized to each customer.  Please call or email us to talk about your kiln needs, different kiln specs and pricing.  You will need to know the electrical requirements (voltage and phase) for the building your kiln will be going in.

The perfect little kiln for home use or glaze testing. 

Click Here for the Spec Sheet.

1) Genesis Mini Touch Screen Control - free app for easy programming and monitoring

2) Hard Ceramic Element Channels protect elements and fragile firebrick, improve kiln life dramatically, more reflective surfaces for infrared heat transmission

3) Piggy-back Control Panel - easy & safe servicing, cool electronics

4) Ceramic Terminals - easy, crimp-free element connections

5) Protected Thermocouple

6) Solid Ceramic Peep Hole Plug - strait view, wide viewing area, less breakage (one on side and one on lid)

7) Latching lid - easy to lift, no support bar restricting loading

8) Stainless Steel Case

9) Full Support Stand - multiple bends for strength



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