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L&L School Master Kilns

L&L School Master Kilns

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Proprietary One-Touch™ Intuitive Kiln Control is designed for busy school teachers - One touch and you are ready to fire the bisque and glaze programs typically used in schools (also easy to adjust simple parameters like cone, delay, hold, heat-up and cool-down rates). You can even create four custom ramp/hold programs. • Type K 8 gauge thermocouple with protection tube • Single zone with graded elements • Full support 14 gauge aluminized steel stand • Three solid peephole plugs with full 1" view (no tapering) • Hard ceramic element holders • Proprietary reflective brick coating that protects brick and keeps dusting down • "Easy-Lift, Easy-Load" stainless steel spring hinge system with full-support when door is up and tilted back (there are no support bars to get in the way of loading) • Mercury-free relays • Plugs on all USA models (6-50 on single phase and 15-50 on three phase) • MET-us listing to UL499 standards is pending

1) One-Touch: Press one of two buttons marked BISQUE and GLAZE.

  • You will then see either bISC or GLA
  • Press ENTER and the kiln fires a slow Cone is when you see the FIRE display or while firing

2) Simple: It is easy to change simple parameters to customize your program. When the user presses Bisque or Glaze and the holds the button for 5 seconds then a series of options will appear:

  • CndL Candle at a low temperature to dry out the work – expressed in hours and minutes
  • COnE Choose the cone that the program fires to
  • HLd Add a soak time at the end of the firing
  • COOL Cool the kiln – Fast, Medium or Slow for special effects or thick work
  • HEAT Speed of firing – Fast, Medium or Slow
  • rStr Restore the original default settings
  • The UP and DOWN button will allow adjustment of these values
  • The internal program ramps are transparent to the user

3) Advanced: Press CUSTOM and you have four regular Ramp/Soak programs open for custom programming. Each program has eight segments with a ramp, set point and hold for each segment.


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