We are limiting the purchase of AMACO and Mayco glaze to 2 pints of each color per person.


Pacifica GT400 Potters Wheel

Standard Features:
• Single belt drive, QUIET with superior grip
• Power. GT 400 centers 80 lbs. of clay and develops over 1⁄2 hp GT 800
centers 100 lbs. of clay and develops over 1 hp
• State-of-the-art electronics provide extra torque and consistent RPM at even
the slowest speeds—great for delicate trimming
• Modular construction of electronic components makes repairs a snap—often
reducing down time to hours versus days or weeks
• Heavy duty steel frame with 3 widely spaced legs is stable and virtually
• Spacious, molded tabletop provides large work area and cleans easily
• 13" cast aluminum throwing head
• Splash pan is easily removed for cleaning
• Convenient, 3-position, reversing switch

Type: Wheel

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